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10 months ago

2.2 - Where Every Seat Is a Window Seat

2.2 - Where Every Seat Is a Window Seat

Hola from the heartland of America. Joodle and Noodle decided to drop by and say hello to everyone. They wanted me to tell you to believe in yourself until you die because at that point in time, what even is the purpose of believing in yourself anymore? Does anyone even care? I spoke to a lion last Tuesday. He told me the secret to ironing shirts correctly. I never really could figure it out. Anywho, you have yourself a dandy life and a jolly groundhog day. I heard the groundhog saw his shadow. I've always thought that the groundhog's shadow was a cosmic vertigo just waiting to destroy us all. This is the end of the description. I am going to stop talking now.


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